How I organize my craft room in a small space VIDEO

I’ve been asked a lot these past few days about how I organize my craft room in a small space. So I decided to reshoot my craft room video and put links of some of the items I have purchased on this post! I use one half of an extra bedroom. So I basically have one wall and part of the closet to work with. I hope this information is helpful to you and I would LOVE to see pics/videos of your craft space! I love seeing how everyone organizes themselves…

You can watch the video here or over on my youtube channel in HD!


Ikea Stuff:

Expedit Shelving Unit – Ikea ($129)
Expedit Drawers – Ikea ($35 per two drawers)
Expedit Cabinets – Ikea ($20 each)
Table Top – Ikea ($20)
Table Legs – Ikea ($3.50 each)
White Storage boxes – Ikea ($5.99 for 2)
3 tier wired letter tray – Ikea ($8.99)
Spice Jars (holds my buttons) – Ikea – ($3.99 for 4)
Other stuff:
Craft Spinner – Amazon 
Black Fabric Bin – Target – ($6.99)
Magnetic Storage Book that holds my die cuts and nestabilities – Amazon ($12.99)
Desktop Carousel – Michaels 
Self Healing Mat – X-ACTO – Amazon – ($25.39)
EDIT: I had a lot of questions about my light box! I used the tutorial found on this blog post
 Supply list:

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  1. Kelly Latevola says:

    Thanks for sharing Laurel! I too have half a room to work in, the other half is my husband’s “office”. I’ll absolutely be using some of your ideas 🙂

  2. Love how your organize your crafty items 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! I wish I had even half of a room…I have to use the closet where I hang my clothes.
    If I ever get a little bit of space I hope to use some of the ideas you shared!

  4. I enjoyed watching your video Laurel! I love being able to hear you talk! 🙂 Great space… you have done a great job of organizing it!! I love organizing!! 🙂

  5. Great video and organization ideas! Thank you for all of the links! I think that I will use part of our master bedroom. I also plan to purchase items from Ikea and Target.

    This is my temporary storage and I use our dining table for now.

    I had a giant desk when we lived in Texas and just got it set up to my liking before my husband got a new job… The desk was too large to move, so I am rethinking my space and organization.

  6. Thanks for sharing your home and storage ideas. Where did you get the lamps for the photo box? I need a way to take better pics esp when it is raining or snowing outside. I guess any clip-on light would do and I have seen white plastic “boxes” at Target. I may try that…

  7. Great video! I love seeing how people store their supplies. This makes me want to clean up my room and take some pictures…but, first, I’ll have to clean, lol.

  8. carol perry says:

    Thanks for sharing your crafty space. I love to watch how others store their craft supplies. Your craft room is so tidy and organized. Question: Could you perhaps post how your husband made your light box and filming stand? Sorta new to taking pictures and when I do, they come out darker than my liking. And I would like to eventually try making videos when I get a blog set up. I’d appreciate it so much. TFS.

    1. Carol, I sent you an email! I don’t have instruction on how my husband made the filming stand. He is an Engineer. I just showed him a picture and he headed off to the garage… I think all he used was wood, a saw, a drill and nails.

      As far as the light box, I used this tutorial on this blog:

  9. You did give me a couple great ideas; thanks. I will blog my craft space next week. Hopefully I can help by sharing some of my space saving ideas.

  10. Thanks so much for making this video. I live in an apartment and space is limited. Luv what you have done with the amount of space you got.
    Connie : )

  11. Great video, thanks for sharing all the links! I wish I had even as much space as you! I have about half that much space and it’s always very messy!

  12. i love the ikea expedits!! they have been on my wish list for a while..but the nearest ikea is 4 hours away…so…it’s a wish list! lol!! the magnet books for the nestabilities is genius! i’m going to try to replicate that!! thanks for the idea!! ps – your cubby of color is sa-weet!

  13. Carmen says:

    Help with storing wood stamp!!

    I also have limited space (garage) as a craft room so I was wondering what would you or anybody else recommend as a way to store wooden stamps.

    1. Laurel Beard says:

      Hmm. Wooden stamps are tough. I only have a few so they are stored in one of my drawers. I have seen people put them on shelves. Perhaps you can put a small shelf up in the garage and store them on there? Or just get a small plastic storage bin and put them in there??? Sorry, I don’t have many ideas when it comes to wooden blocks obviously… Good luck.

  14. I love your space, Laurel. It’s so clean and organized. It’s full of great ideas, thanks!

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