HELLO!!!! And a Lily update….

Hello there!!! I thought it was about time I pop in a give a proper update on what’s been going on with me. Any posts that have gone live during the latter part of April and all of March were pre-scheduled back in February, as I was preparing for the birth of my daughter that was scheduled for this week!

Life plays funny tricks on you and really tests you I think. I believe that my faith was tested…..  On February 5th, for no particular reason, I stopped by a pharmacy to have my blood pressure checked. I was shocked when the reading was high. We are talking 160/90 high. I went to two other places  to have my pressure rechecked just to be sure. I called my OB, who told me to go to the hospital…. After a few tests, they admitted me and told me I would be there until I delivered, roughly 4 1/2 more weeks. I was at the beginning phases of pre-eclampsia and they wanted to monitor me carefully. My pressures never regulated. They were up and down, up and down… My blood work was totally fine. But my urine samples showed a HIGH amount of protein (another sign of pre-eclampsia)… In two days, it went from 1800 to 8000. They thought because of the rapid increase there must have been something wrong with the lab results, so they re-ordered the test… Halfway thru it, they took my pressure and it was the highest it had ever been.  190/100 and something…. 2 minutes later they were rolling in my door with the stretcher stating that I would be delivering my daughter that very night, at 33 weeks and 6 days….

You can only imagine how afraid I was… All kinds of things were running thru my mind. Would she be ok? How much would she weigh? Would she breathe on her own? Would there be any issues with her? Would I be ok? At 10:45PM on February 16th, we welcomed Lily Kate Beard to this world… Because of the pre-eclampsia, I couldn’t see her for 24 hours due to the 24  magnesium drip they administered to avoid seizures. But my husband brought me pictures of her on his phone. She was gorgeous. A full head of hair… Just beautiful. I was finally able to meet her around 10PM the following day…. I don’t remember much of several days after delivery due to the medications, but I remember seeing her for the first time. I had mixed emotions. Joy because our daughter was here, the daughter we struggled so hard for all those years. The daughter the good Lord finally blessed us with…. And then guilt. Guilt that I couldn’t get control of my body to carry her longer so she wouldn’t have been born so premature, so little….. It took a while for the emotions to die down. Our precious daughter spent 16 days in the NICU… 16 LONG days…. I was in the hospital for 5 of those days, as my pressure was not regulating. But when I was released, my family drove me up there everyday where I would spend long hours with my daughter…. It was heartbreaking to leave her behind every day. Just heartbreaking. But I knew that was the best place for her. Miraculously, she never needed oxygen. Her lungs were developed! The only thing she needed was a feeding tube to help her eat.



On March 4th, she was able to come home. Finally, my son was able to meet his sister. I have never felt such joy when we walked in with her. He didn’t know she was coming home. His face. My face. The emotions we felt. Our family, FINALLY, was complete. I have kids. Not just a kid. KidS! We struggled for so long and endured so many heartaches and losses, and now, she is here! Our beautiful baby daughter is here to join her handsome precious brother. We couldn’t be more happy. She is growing every single day. She is becoming more alert every single day. All I can say is thank you. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with this miracle.

What if I hadn’t gone and had my pressure checked? I certainly wasn’t feeling any symptoms nor did I even think for one second that I was going to develop pre-eclampsia or have that high blood pressure reading. Something just said, “hey, there’s a Walgreens. Pop in and have your pressure checked” – So I did. My regular OB appointment wasn’t for another 8 days. So what if I hadn’t stopped in at Walgreens? I would venture to say things would have gone very, VERY differently.

Faith is a funny thing. And a hard thing to have… I know in the hospital, I had some really low moments. My pressure was continuing to climb even after I delivered. They put me on meds, and it was still climbing.  I thought at one point I was going to die. I was going to leave my kids with no mom. I lost my faith. But look. Everything turned out ok. I am recovering. Lily is here and is getting stronger every day.



Having a premie is very different than having a full term… We learned so much. Different techniques. Different ways to feed her, hold her, burp her, etc….. Since she was born early, she might reach milestones later than full term babies.. Those are all things we will deal with as the time comes. For now, I am enjoying having her home. Even during those nighttime feedings when she doesn’t want to go back to sleep! 🙂

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  1. Hanneke bennett says:

    She is totally adorable and beautiful! Sorry it was such a hardship but you know she’s worth it…..

  2. It just warms my heart that this sweet baby girl you have been longing and praying for for years is here. I love seeing pictures of your miracle!

  3. Such a touching story. It sounds like a miracle delivery – So happy for you!

  4. gscrapbooks says:

    I am so happy she is home and healthy and that your family is complete. I’m so sorry you had to go through so many hard trials but you are blessed and your sweet little girl is home! Congratulations Laurel!

  5. Anonymous says:

    She is a cutie! I am sorry to hear what all you went though. I went through something similar but it didn’t happen until after my daughter was born.
    So glad everything worked out and things are better now. Enjoy her they grown up way to fast. My baby will be 15 next week. 🙂

  6. mel9252 says:

    Oh sweet Lily! I’m so happy she’s safe & at home. The pics are adorable! Lucas is so proud! What an ordeal you had to go through. I just can’t imagine. Congrats to new Beard family 🙂

  7. congrats on your little one! I’m glad your family is adjusting well. Yes our God is good and He knows what we can handle and is there every step of the way. Some things are just not in our control and there is a reason for that! I’m so happy for your family it was very touching to read!
    God Bless – Sonia

  8. I am so so happy for you and Lily, she is such a little cutie! I hope you are feeling better, as well. Take care of yourself!

  9. Beautiful baby girl and gorgeous son. I am so happy things turned out like they did for you and your family. God is great. God Bless you and your family.

  10. Thank you Laurel for the update! She is PRECIOUS:)
    Yes, God is GOOD!

  11. Beautiful brother & sister photo!! Adorable!!!
    Glad to hear that you’re all feeling better! It’s so good that you could bring Lily home!! Enjoy your family time!! 🙂

  12. janet says:

    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  13. Hi Laurel,
    I am typing this through tears…yes, I read every word of your post, and I am so, so, so happy for you that everything has turned out well! Lily is just BEAUTIFUL!!! She is blessed to have such a loving and caring mommy and family to care for her for many years to come!
    I have been a high risk OB nurse (then Nurse Practitioner) for 25 years, so reading about your ordeal is really close to my heart…thank God you stopped at Walgreen’s and that your Dr took every step to ensure a safe delivery! I’m sure those first 4+ weeks were torture, but you are strong, and now it’s behind you.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers…please try not to worry too much about Lily’s development, as I KNOW she will be fine! Big (((HUGS))) to you, sweetie…and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  14. OH i am so happy for your family and that you are all home safely. I know that faith can be tested but you know that God is alway with you no matter what. Little Lily is adorable and so glad that you are also doing better.. congrats again to your family Laurel..

  15. Congrats to you! Sure can be hard at times being a Mom. Blog land can wait…Take good care and be well!

  16. Laurel, both my daughter and son was born premature as well at 32+ weeks and 36+ weeks respectively. Luckily both of them do not need to be placed in incubator or NICU. Do not worry much as as long they feed, they will grow! Well, about milestone, my girl is pretty fine as normal full term baby while my son is a little lacking but we are thinking he is taking his own sweet time rather than her premature condition. Furthermore, many elders say that girl learn faster than boy. Thus, do not worry so much! Everything gonna be fine. May God bless you and little one!

  17. Happy to hear all turned out safe and sound. I’ve been a L/D RN for over 20+ years and I see the despair in mother’s faces everyday. It’s always a blessing and miracle when the good shines through and you and your baby go home healthy and strong. Blessings to you and your family this Easter Sunday.

  18. Lisa K says:

    Congratulations on your baby! Having had a preemie, I know how you are feeling and all of those ups and downs in those early days. We fed every 2 hours at portions of an ounce. The diapers are so small. But thank God that your baby is doing well as are you. Bless you!

  19. So hapy to hear all is well Laurel! I am glad you stayed strong and everything worked out! HUGS!

  20. The miracles we get in this modern age are those nudges to take action. Thank God that you listened to that nudge to stop at Walgreens! God is so good. Thanks for sharing your story and pics of your beautiful little girl. Congratulations to you and your family!

  21. So happy to see your beautiful family together and complete, your dream come true… Enjoy it, friend! 🙂

  22. melissab1872 says:

    Oh, Laurel I literally have goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes!! I can only imagine what you were going through! She is absolutely precious and a blessing from God! She is so beautiful and your son is so handsome and cute! Love the picture of them both! And that bib is hilarious!! Love it! Glad you are all safe, happy and healthy! What a lovely family you have! God bless!!


  23. Sharon Scott says:

    She’s a cutie. My twins were born at 32 weeks. They just turned 14 this month. You would never know they were early. My son was accepted into the advanced program in high school next school year. Relax and enjoy her, she’ll be big before you know it. Takes lots of pics because you’ll have a hard time believing she was ever that small.

  24. Oh wow – what a journey you have all been on. Blessings to you and your family on the arrival of your beautiful baby daughter. So glad to read that she is home and thriving. Hugs to you all. Lily is adorable.

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