Harry Potter Eating Book thingee: How to!

So, after returning from CHA, I let my son stay home from school today so we could spend some quality time together! We decided to make the Harry Potter Eating/Monster book and thought I’d share it with you all… Here is what you will need (most of which you might already have in your stash. If not, you can pick up at your local craft store:

1. Fake book – I used a craft box I found at Michael’s for $3 and just removed the clasp
2. Fur 
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Sculpy Molding Clay in assorted colors

And here is how we did it!!!!

We stacked some cotton balls in the center of the box because that is where the eyes are going to be mounted:

Next, we made the teeth, fangs, gum lines and eyes with Sculpy molding clay and baked them in the oven:

While that was cooling, we went ahead and glued on all the fur (this was the most time consuming and messiest part)! Trimmed it up with scissors….

Last, we adhered the eyes and teeth and faces with hot glue and voila:

And a close up:

I wanted to color the teeth yellow, but Lucas wanted them white, so white it is!!!  All in all, this project cost a total of $15 and about an hour to do! Had a great time with my son! Will cherish these memories. All afternoon, he has been “feeding” the eating book! HA HA HA!!!

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Cinda Nordin says:

    Have you started reading the Harry Potter books to him? I keep wondering what age to start…. I am anxious to start!!!

  2. Very, very cute!!!! ~Sophia

  3. what a great memory!

  4. My sister is a media specialist and she always says when in doubt – let them read it when they are the age of the main character. Harry Potter is 10 in book 1. I read book 1 and it is cute, but when my kids turned 10 they weren’t too interested which is fine with me…we have them on the shelf if they change their minds. They read 4-5 books weekly, so I’m not gonna worry about that one! 🙂 [My other sister had a 10 year old when they were first released and so he could only read 1/year as they were released – to prevent “Harry Potter Mania” she made the same rule for her younger children – Harry is a year older in each book – so book 1 when they were 10, book 2 when 11 etc…]

    1. Cinda Nordin says:

      Amy, Thank you for the input on age for Harry Potter.

  5. Oh my goodness!! That is so awesome!!

  6. Cute project!

  7. Catherina fong says:

    oh wow!! what a great project!

  8. Wow! That’s amazing! You spent a wonderful time with Lucas making it, for sure!

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