Hairy The Clown – A book by a kid for a kid

Totally off crafty topic today…. But I just had to write a post about Hairy the Clown. Who is Hairy? Well he is a clown who lost his funny of course!  A book by a kid, for a kid. And this book was written by MY 11 year old niece. I am so proud of her (I think she takes after me, he he)…. She had a plan. She earned enough money to buy herself a computer (took over a year) so she could implement her plan. Then she did research. She actually interviewed clowns… Then she  took her idea and brought it too life. She found an illustrator who was able to capture the essence of Hairy…



Check out this link, see a few images from the book, see how the book was written, see the breakfast chains she and her dad went to as she worked on this book, learn about kickstart and see some more snapshots of my niece in action. 11 years old. She is seriously only 11 years old…..

And then there is one thing I want you to do when it is all said and done, BUY ONE!    I bought 3. Yes, they were going to give them to me because I’m family but nope.. I wanted to contribute to her creation and passion for writing… Bought one for myself, one for my son’s school and one for the local library. My niece Lauren (oh did I mention her name is Lauren Kate and my name is Laurel Katherine… Just sayin’)…. will fill all the orders from her bedroom, lol. I’m sure there is still a bed in there somewhere.

Hey, Christmas is coming up… Might make for some really fun gifts… 🙂

So without further ado, meet Hairy the Clown.

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  1. debbiew says:

    Thanks for the link to the book. I have bought 2, 1 to put up for the grandchildren I hope to have someday and the other for my daughter in laws kindergarden class. Good luck to Lauren.

  2. You must be so incredibly proud of your niece, Laurel! I’m so intrigued, and off to check out more about her book!

  3. Super cool! Your “BUY ONE” link is broken, btw. Off to check out the site.

  4. WOW ,,, going to buy one too 🙂

    she is one clever girl !! just like her namesake Aunt 🙂

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