Getting To Know You Creative Blog Hop

What is the Creative Blog Hop?

It is a never-ending blog hop which takes place on Mondays. Each blogger answers questions about themselves and afterwards they tag two to three (I tagged four, I’m a rule breaker) other creative bloggers. Isn’t that fun? I hope we keep it going for years and years!!

So, I’ve got some questions to answer here so I’ll get right to it!!!!!!

1. What projects are you currently working on?

Oh let’s see. I am ALWAYS working on some Lawnscaping projects. I work ahead so I can keep up!  Are you guys like that? I always have such a great feeling of accomplishment if I am ahead of the game!!!  I’ve also got some top secret projects I am working on that you will see here on the blog in less than a week (can you say World Card Making Day)….  Another hint. It’s for someone that has an amazing laugh and an addiction to tweezers.. Another hint. It’s for an online company that I ADORE and recently guested for… Ok enough hints……. AND, AND, AND!!!! There’s more….  I am working on the upcoming Reverse Confetti release that goes live on October 7th!  Two days of fun and then the amazing release will be available to all of you! Yup! I am loving the design teams I serve on. I am so honored to be serving along side such talent and working for such amazing companies! Humbled. Honored. Over the moon….

2.  What inspires your designs?

Honestly, YOU ALL! I see projects I like, pin them over the my Pinterest Page, and then take inspiration from them and create away… Also random Pinterest pins float my boat as well as things I see in magazines. Pottery Barn is a great catalog to get purely for the inspiration whether it be layouts, color schemes, etc….. And its so totally free!!!!!

3. If you had to define your design style, what would it be?

Clean and Simple. Rarely will you see a ton of embellishments on my designs… I just can’t pull it off. When I try it looks like embellishments threw up all over my projects, so I just stick to what I like and can do!  I like to incorporate techniques into my projects like using distress inks, embossing paste,  gelatos and watercolors (yes, watercolors is my new passion)…. I dabble in Copic and Spectrum Noir coloring, but I’m no expert there! I’m learning, but to me, I find watercoloring more forgiving!

4. What does your craft area look like?

A mess! HAHA! I am an organizing freak! I hate when stuff is out of place or doesn’t have a label. BUT, with that being said.. Enter Lily! She goes straight to my gelatos drawer and pulls them out and throws them around the room. She picks up my mini Claudine Multi Matte Medium glue and holds it to her ear and pretends she is talking on the phone…. Then she wanders over to where my markers are and thinls they are balls because of the color labels and says, ball, ball, ball…. THEN, she pulls the cards off my wall hanger so right now I have a rocking chair sitting in front of it… So to answer your question, its a mess! But I love my sweet Lily no matter how much of a tornado she can be!!! 🙂 Wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids are my life.

5. How does your writing/creative process work?

That’s funny! A process you say? Yea, don’t have one. I typically get out the stamps/dies I know I want to work with and go from there. No sketches. No pre organization or planning. I just roll with it. Sometimes, I google the stamp set and get ideas from other projects I see. Sometimes I go on pinterest, find a pin I like (could be of anything, not necessarily crafty related) and go from there! Not much of a process but I find that if I plan ahead, I get stressed out.. I am a roll with it type of crafter.

6.  What three crafty products can you not live without?

YIKES, thats tough. Aside from the staples such as stamps/dies/inks/cardstocks, I guess I would say my watercolors, distress inks (because of the techniques) and my vagabond. Push a button and it die cuts it all for you. BRILLIANT! But honestly, there are a ton more I couldn’t live with out….. I like techniques so embossing pastes and gelatos….. My Tim Holtz craft mat, because I hate cleaning and this is just wipe away with a wet wipe and you’re good to go. Oh, wet wipes, lol!!! But I’m cheating. It did ask for only 3.

Alright, so I get to tag some peeps! This was the fun part and no, I didn’t stick to the rules because I’ve got 4 people that inspire me so I had to ask them all! Their posts will be up exactly one week from today, and then they will tag other peeps… See? FUN! A never ending getting to know you hop! Love it.

  • Chrissie Tobas– A dear friend, an amazing crafter (I love how she works those mists and ink splatters) AND we both share a geeky love of Harry Potter. Speaking of, we will be meeting in person in a few weeks down at Universal Studios. Why you ask? Harry Potter world of course! DUH!!!!!!!
  • Wendy Vecchi – The inventor of my precious embossing pastes! Love them so…. I could eat them, sleep with them, but alas, I will stick to using them on my card designs! She is a brilliant designer and has released a slew of other products (inks, stamps, stencils)…….. I know, I know. Enabling but honestly, her brand is AMAZING, and so is she.
  • Vicky Papaioannou – MRS. INLINKZ! Love her. Met her a CHA a few years back and shoved peanut butter cookies down her and Aris’s throats! She is a universal crafter. What I mean by that is there is so many things she can do, I’m wondering if there is anything she can’t do. She rocks card kits and does amazing, I mean AMAZING art journaling pages….
  • Emily Leiphart – She is just brilliant. I love her style. She has great ideas. If I’m stuck, I shoot her a text and she helps me. I don’t think there has been one thing she has made that I haven’t loved or taken inspiration from! She also has great taste in fashion…. And purses…

Alrighty! That’s it from me! Thanks for popping by and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a wee bit better!

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  1. Loved this post!!! Such a great way to learn so many things about you! It was a pleasure meeting you too and I never ever loose one post you make. I am one of you dedicated email subscribers! Love your creativity and how you are always on trend, using the latest techniques! Truly honored you mentioned me and asked me to continue this fun hop!!! HUGS

  2. Great post!! Loved knowing more about you! I know what the WCMD secret is!! 🙂

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