First Day of School

It’s been a while. Been busy preparing myself (not my son) for his first day of school! I woke up early because I was so nervous! Got him all ready, gave him his awesome firetruck back pack that he just loves and off to school he went. He did so great! They had play doh out so he went straight to the tables and started playing. I went to give him a kiss goodbye and he didn’t even look up. To keep myself busy, I went to Target and the Gym, but all I could do was stare at the clock! When it was finally time to leave, I ran to my car. Then I realized I was holding someone else’s keys! I have NO idea how I picked those up but I had to run back inside, drop off the keys and then hit the road. Naturally, thanks to the brilliant Jacksonville Engineers, a lot of the roads were torn up and switched around so I found myself going the WRONG way on the Arlington Expressway…. Eventually, I made it back to the school but was right on time, 12:00. Most of the other moms had already loaded their kids up in the car and were leaving. My two friends honked at me as I sprinted thru the parking lot, pushing other moms out of that way. I walk in and there is my precious boy, playing! I managed to get out of him that they sang ring around the rosie, read a book about circles and had chocolate cookies and milk! 🙂 A great first day of school! Rumor has it school may be closed tomorrow thanks to Hurricane Faye….

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