Everybody has SOMETHING. With me, it is migraines/headaches. With my brother, it is allergies. With my husband, well, actually, he doesn’t have anything that comes to mind. In the 7 years I have known him, he has been sick once, MAYBE twice… Anyway, missing my point.   With my son, it is high fevers. He had a cough this morning and now has a 102 fever… I can always tell when I have a fever. My eye balls are on fire. My mouth is hot. My fingertips are hot!  I just know I have a temp of 105. I am certain of it.  I find the thermometer, take my temp, and it says something like 99.4… Whatever…. My poor little guy. Passed out next to me, sweaty head, but fever finally breaking thanks to Tylenol/Motrin combo…. Here is to praying for a speedy recovery.


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