Faye was quite the lingerer

We NEVER thought this storm would get here. Schools were closed Wednesday-Friday. Turned out Wednesday was a pretty nice day. Had some friends over for a play date! Then came Thursday and Friday. Thursday was NASTY. Lots of winds and rain. Christian didn’t have to go to work fortunately! Then comes Friday. We wake up expecting the storm to have pushed on but nope, she was stubbornly sitting pretty much in the same place we left her 9 hours before. So, another day of terrible weather and road/bridge closings. Christian didn’t have to go in, which was a good thing because the bridge was closed and the road to the ferry was flooded so he couldn’t have gone in anyway. I actually got some pretty good footage of the storm so I will upload that when we get the chance. My parents ended up coming over for a few hours because they lost power. We were rejoicing that we had power all day long. BUT, we rejoiced too soon. About 11:30 that night, the power goes out! It was out for 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend up the road from us had power and she was nice enough to let us come over and crash there pretty much all day long.

Then her cable goes out so we are following the weather report about all the tornadoes spotted on the radio my husband brought with us and all of the sudden we hear “if you are in the Oceanway area, take cover NOW” so we grab the kids and run into Beth’s bathroom. Now doesn’t that sound like fun. There was never any tornado, but it sure scared the crap out of all of us moms (Christian had gone back to the house to check on it).


After that fun little scare, we went back to watching Veggie tales…. And Lucas starting trying on Griffin’s shoes….


We finally decided we could no longer take advantage of Beth’s hospitality, so we headed home for a few minutes until it was too hot to take, and then headed to Crackerbarrel. Unfortunately, Lucas was so drained from the days events, he fell asleep. So off to Blockbuster we went to get a few videos. We were charging the portable DVD player as we were driving. A few minutes before we got home, I called the house and it RANG! POWER!!!!!!! We finally had power after 20 hours of nothing!  It was a long, eventful day but thanks to the help of our good friends, it wasn’t nearly as miserable as it could have been.

BON VOYAGE FAYE! And don’t return any time soon!

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