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Ellen Hutson Design Team Blog Hop: Same layout with different coloring medium

Even as a seasoned card maker, I enjoy learning tips & tricks from other crafters. My favorite tips & tricks lately are creating the same card layout, but using some sort of different color variation or medium. In my three cards today, I used an image from a holiday stamp set and paired it with a bold sentiment! As you can see, the layouts are the same but each card is slightly different. All the supplies used are linked at the end of this post as always! 🙂

I am hopping along with all the 2018 Ellen Hutson Design Team! WOOT WOOT! We all have projects to share and silly questions to answer. The entire blog hop list is listed towards the end of this post.

Let’s take a look at the first card with the rainbow background… A rainbow. Surprise, surprise, lol. To create the background, I stamped the house images from Light Parade and masked them off by stamping the same images onto a post-it note and covering the stamped image with the mask. Then I blended some distress oxides onto a piece of watercolored card and added a few water flicks. Peel the mask off and you are left with perfect unmarked houses! I added a sentiment and voila.


My second card has the same layout, just a different sentiment, and medium. I chose soft watercolors here. Very simple.


And my last card features some basic Copic Coloring. Lots of white space…

See? You can keep the same layout but make each card unique in its own way!

We are all answering some silly questions. I’ve done so below but also answered them in a little video clip and also elaborated a bit on some of my crazy ways, lol. You can watch that here on the blog or over on my youtube channel by clicking HERE. And if you aren’t a subscriber, you can easily subscribe by clicking HERE.

Silly questions and answers! 

  1. Coffee or tea? – BOTH! I love coffee. I have a Nespresso machine and I push a button and poof, a beautiful cup of coffee in 60 seconds. It even has the froth on top! And Tea. I am a huge fan of bubblegum tea. It’s the only tea I will drink. I took my daughter (4 at the time) to a tea house and we selected bubblegum tea. Well, I fell in love, she didn’t. I found an online source and order 32 ounces monthly. I drink it all day long, after my two cups of coffee in the morning!
  2. How did you come up with your blog name?  My original blog name was Paper Crafts by Laurel. Within the last two years, I decided to give myself a little tagline, Simply Cardmaking. Why? Because I specialize in the simple techniques so anyone can do them! I love the simplicity of crafting! You shouldn’t have to have a Ph.D. to figure out certain techniques and styles, lol!!!!!!!  And that’s how my new blog title was born. Julie Mogford designed my logos and blog (she rocks).
  3. Tell us one silly/random/interesting tidbit about yourself!  Well, there are so many weird things about me, how can I pick just one? I’m gonna be a rule breaker here.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan, like a dork like fan.  I am afraid of heights.  I can only snap with my left hand, not my right. I am right handed and my husband and both kids are left handed. I don’t like feet. It’s very hard for me to sit thru a pedicure.

HA! How fun! I am absolutely honored to be a part of the Ellen Hutson design team! Look at all of my lovely teamies. What talent I serve alongside. And Ellen… I can’t say enough about her. She is a class act down the core… I don’t think you will meet a more honest, reputable businesswoman and friend. I adore her.


Laurel Beard – YOU ARE HERE

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  1. Donna Hawkins says:

    Love your cards and designs as always!

  2. Sue D says:

    Pretty set of cards. Love the rainbow background.

  3. Haha! I LOVE pedis, even thought sometimes they tickle so much I can’t sit still! So proud to be on Ellen’s team with you Laurel! And I love your cards – I love to see you explore the different looks you can get with the same products!

  4. Lisa K says:

    Loved your video! Great cards. Can’t wait to try this idea.

  5. Beth Merkle says:

    Love the way you used one stamp set three different ways. Cute cards!

  6. Nancy R. says:

    One stamp three different way…I must try that. Thanks for sharing your fun card making talents with us!

  7. LAUREL!!! Loved reading your Q+A and getting to know ya better! And I’m totally with you on the foot thing! I’ve never had a pedicure! I know right???? My husband laughs at me all the time because I can’t stand it when his feet touch me! Anyhow, so glad to be on the team with ya!!! HUGS!!!!!!

  8. joy meadows says:

    Nice cards! And, a great tip to use the same layout/stamp in three different ways!

  9. Hey Laurel! I MUST meet you sometime soon … you always seem like you’d be a hoot to hang out with! Loved learning fun things about you. And your set of cards is pretty darn great too! Excited to be on this team together : )

  10. lorraine turner says:

    Love you Laurel in every single way. xx

  11. Dee Earnshaw says:

    thanks for sharing your lovely cards with us – so inspiring 🙂

  12. Martha R says:

    Yay for simple easy card designs! Many times when I need a card, I don’t have 3 hours to make it! And good idea to use the design with different twist on 2 or 3 cards. Thank you, Laurel.

  13. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Really do like the simple card design, your cards are awesome love the different you put on all your cards. Loving this blog hop and the amazing design team. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Happy to be on the team with you again in 2018 Laurel. Hope you’re continuing to feel better!

  15. barbara lassiter says:

    Love this blog hop. It’s so much fun and with lots of inspiration. Thanks for the great tips for using just one stamp for many cards!

  16. What a great idea to work your design(s) in different ways, Laurel! So happy to continue on the team with you!

  17. Lisa - papergrace says:

    What an awesome set of cards, Laurel! I love how your mind works. I would totally be making them all the same way. LOL! I love HP, too. I actually took the sorting hat quiz. I’m House Gryffindor. Have you done it? Oh! And the feet thing? So right there with you. Feet are nasty. Ew. Love ya!

  18. Great post! I don’t like feet either. Except for pudgy little baby feet. 😀

  19. Teresa Doyle says:

    Such fun cards Laurel.

  20. Laurel, your projects are so cute. I especially love using houses on my card fronts. I am so happy to be working with you on the Ellen Hutson team. We have such a talented group of designers and it is so fun to see all the different paper crafting styles.

  21. Good Sunday morning to you Laurel!!! I can’t even with these darling cards… but, ya know what? No matter how you color it, I’d love to live next door to you!
    OMGoodness, the feet thing? NOBODY is touching my feet… let alone someone who has been touching other feet ALL DAY!!!
    What an honor to be on this team with you, Laurel! xx

  22. Julie says:

    Loved your little video…made me smile! You are weird…adorably weird!!

  23. Love your humor! Great cards…they all look so different, yet alike. Love the variety.

  24. I am so very excited to be with you on this team, you have such a great style and always have so much fun!

  25. I love you Laurel!!! Thank you for being such a sweet friend and thank you for all you do for the team!

  26. Sooo fun Laurel!! I’m so happy to be on another team with you <3

  27. I can’t sit through a pedicure either. Those people have been touching feet all day. Gross. I do not want them touching me anywhere after that. I have to try really hard not to apply the same reasoning to GYN’s when I need to go for my annual. LOL! And Laurel, I have always thought you have the most beautiful smile! Isn’t it funny that what we are often most self conscious of either is never noticed by others or is actually admired? I’ve always been self conscious about my height (I’m only 4’10”) but not long ago a friend told me that she was envious because it made me cute and made me look much younger. I’m 46 but she thought I was in my early 30’s when we first met, and now I know why. Of course the trade off is short women are always “cute” and never “beautiful” 🙁

  28. Will you provide the link to the bubble gum tea please? I have two friends that drink tea ALL. DAY. LONG., I’d love to buy some for them. Thank you!!

  29. Jennifer Forster says:

    So cute! I love this design – thanks for your great video!

  30. Karen says:

    May I “borrow” (alright steal) your tip? Because while I do make multiple cars, it just never occurred to me to simply change the sentiment or colors / coloring medium! Great tip!

  31. Terri Mansfield says:

    Great cards; especially the rainbow one. That bubble tea sounds good…I might need to get some.

  32. Love this tip soooooo much!!! These cards are CUTENESS all over!!! I’m afraid of heights, too. I can’t even put the star on top of the Christmas tree without getting lightheaded. True story. P.S. I didn’t know there was even such a thing as bubblegum flavored tea. Crazy!!! XO!

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