Dress Up Iphone Application

I follow a blog and felt the need to post this review to my blog…. This reminds me of the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone… How she snapped polaroids of herself in her outfits…


For 99 cents, Dress Up gives you the potential to coordinate your wardrobe to look your absolute best, whether its going to your job at GameStop or looking to impress your date at Outback Streakhouse!

So this app is interesting as it could really work.  However, in order for the program to reach its zenith, you are going to have to invest some SERIOUS time into snapping photos of yourself in all your tops and bottoms (including those stylish Raiders sweatpants you own).  The way the program works  is simple, it gives you an outline of a body (think CSI here) and you match your photo to the pose.  Then it divides the picture into your head (presumably for hats, eye patches and Hulkster bandannas) your top, and bottom.  Sounds silly, but it does work.

But the overall problem I see is that you need someone to take these pictures of you and unless you have a whipped husband or a friend as equally vain as yourself, then this program may not be for you.  Plus, is it truly that hard to hold a shirt over a pair of pants?  I think this app is great idea, but in the long run just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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