Define Self Check Out

As obvious as the definition appears, it is NOT what it seems.  I hate Walmart. Did you know that? Despise it. It is dirty, unorganized, unfriendly staff (except for the retired greeters at the front of course) and never is there a place to park because shopping carts take up a majority of the parking lot. They have about 50 registers but usually only 2 people working them. So, I go to the self check out aisle, one of six to be exact. Naturally, something goes wrong and I have to wait for an employee to assist me. An employee assisting me at Walmart, please… That’s a laugh. I end up walking out without my purchase because they couldn’t figure out the code for a banana.  The point to this is other than the fact that I despise Walmart, I can not think of a time where I have actually used the self check out and it worked. Lowes, grocery stores. Pretty much every time I have used them, something goes wrong. So, my definition of self check out after today’s events is this. Self Check out at Walmart = check yourself out of the store and don’t EVER go back!

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  1. I have always hated Walmart. I am a Target girl…

  2. Target rocks!

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