Criss Cross Box, well, kind of

So, I attempted to make a few things from templates yesterday. I love the templates. You can make such a variety of things with only one piece of cardstock. First up, was Nicole’s criss cross box. This was my very first attempt, so of course, I messed up. I cut the wrong side and instead of tossing the project, I just taped it and continued on so I would know what NOT to do next time… I made the background paper using my Paptertrey Ink Trajan Monogram Stamp Set. I used dark chocolate PTI ink.  This is what I ended up with.



I am missing to two points on the front since I cut the wrong sides, but don’t worry. Next time I will get it dead on…


For my next challenge attempt, I made of on Lauren Meader’s Timeless Templates, “Let’s Do Lunch”.  It was frigtening when I printed the template, so I joined forces with my aunt who was on standy by if I had any questions…. Of course, Lauren’s many versions are so much better and perfect.  I didn’t do any decorating with buttons or ribbons because I am not 100% happy with the outcome. But, it is what it is! I hestiated to even post it on my blog, but if my husband actually reads my blog, I want him to see that I am using all the tools and supplies I spent so much $$ on! 🙂


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