Crafty side of me?

So, my friend Beth is a VERY crafty person. She can make something out of nothing in no time. I went to her house on Saturday because I decided I wanted to make a homemade teacher’s gift for Lucas’s teachers… I decided to decorate clipboards. When I got to her house, she showed me her entire craft collections. Stamps, papers, inks, punches, cuddlebug machine, etc… I was fascinated. My husband has been telling me to find a hobby for quite some time. I am certain he meant a free hobby, but hey, what can I say. After a shopping spree, I am now fully supplied.. Waiting for my stamps and ink to arrive and I will be ready to craft.  My first attempt at crafts:

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  1. this IS a fabulous post…crafting is a magnificent hobby, isn’t it? Magnificently expensive…haha…love that comment about the ‘free hobby’….if it is free, does that really make it a hobby? LOL

    Thanks for playing along!!!!!

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