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CP ink party collection release blog hop with VIDEO

Hi there! Welcome to the CP Ink Party Collection Release blog hop!! You should have arrived from Catherine Pooler’s blog.  Today I am here to celebrate the launch of Catherine Pooler’s new inks!!! You may have seen sneaks about them as some of the colors were included in the Foundations Box (video here)! Today I am thrilled to tell you that those inks are now available in the shop along new colors! I’ve created a card (and video) using ALL THE INKS in the party collection so you can see each of them up close and personal!

Laurel Beard Handmade Card Catherine Pooler Inks Hugs and Kisses

You can watch the video here on the blog or over on my youtube channel in HD by clicking HERE! If you aren’t already a subscriber, please click HERE and subscribe to my youtube channel and you will be notified every time I upload something new! 🙂

I paired the inks with a few different Catherine Pooler Designs products. I heat embossed the Lovely Lattice background and then blended on ALL of the CP Inks onto the background! They blend absolutely beautifully! They key is a soft touch because these ink pads are very juicy! Same when stamping. Soft touches. I call them love taps.

Laurel Beard Handmade Card Catherine Pooler Inks Hugs and Kisses

I die cut one of the Ampersands from the And Dies set and paired it with a few of the sentiments from the And Sentiments stamp set.

Laurel Beard Handmade Card Catherine Pooler Inks Hugs and Kisses

A little bit about the ink pads:

  • All the dye ink pads come extremely juicy. There are a total of 13 colors in the Party Collection (include black, Midnight).
  • The colors are bright and vivid and don’t fade.
  • If you work quickly, you can heat emboss with these inks as they stay wet a bit longer than traditional dye inks.
  • The Midnight (black) ink is permanent and therefore works well with alcohol markers such as Copic markers.
  • You can do many techniques with these inks: Ink blending (demonstrated in today’s video), watercoloring, stamping, heat embossing, ink swiping (how to video HERE).
  • Colors include: Party Dress, Rockin’ Red, Tuti Fruit, Orange Twist, Tiki Torch, Tiara, Grass Skirt, Lime Rickey, Fiesta Blue, Aquatini, Something Borrowed, Flirty Fuchsia, Midnight

PRIZE:  As I mentioned, I am part of a blog hop! Please hop along and leave comments along because two lucky commenters will win a $25 gift certificate to the store! The winner will be chosen by Catherine.   To be eligible, you must leave comments on all the hoppers blogs by Thursday at 6PM EST!!! Next up on the hop is my dear friend Chrissie  Tobas!

Blog Hop Order:

A close up of all the inks!!!! They are available NOW in the store.

Catherine Pooler Ink party collection laurel beard

Catherine Pooler Inks

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  1. Such gorgeous colors!! I love your colorful card and can;t wait to try these inks! TFS!

  2. Sue Fitzsimmons says:

    Love all the new colours

  3. Lynette says:

    Love all of the colors and how you used them all on your card.

  4. Adorable card Laurel. Can’t wait to get the rest of the inks in hand.

  5. Janette Jepson says:

    Love the colors, beautiful card!

  6. Laura Formanek says:

    These colors are amazing! Love how vivid they are and how well they blend.

  7. beastybunny says:

    Fun card! All the inks blend so well together!

  8. Holly King says:

    The colors all look great together. Right up your alley, a rainbow card. I like it.

  9. Julie M says:

    Such beautiful colors. Good job.

  10. Colleen Balija says:

    Your card is simple to do and fills the page beautifully. I love what you did with that Ampersand! It looks like a ribbon and bow.

  11. Taasha Blevins says:

    Love your colorful card. Looks like they blend beautifully.

  12. Cindy McDonough says:

    What a great card design and such a wonderful way to showcase all of these beautiful new colors….love, love.

  13. Hoosier says:

    /clean and simple – my kind of card.

  14. Kathleen Reilly says:

    Beautiful card. What a wonderful way to showcase the new inks

  15. Jane M says:

    These new colors are fantastic! I love how you used them all on your card! Beautiful!

  16. Laurel, Love love love everything about this card! It can be used for so many occasions! Well done Gal!

  17. Catharine Colclasure says:

    Thanks Laurel, your video was so helpful and he card is gorgeous

  18. Your card is beautiful Laurel!! I am excited to get the rest of the colors to play with.

  19. 743linda says:

    Love your card! You are an expert blender!!! I ordered all of the inks and refills!!!

  20. I haven’t gone to town with the resist backgrounds and a rainbow yet, just might need to buy Tiara and get after that!

  21. Wow love your card and how you used all of the colors. These inks are amazing

  22. Becca Yahrling says:

    Wow, fabulous background of all these amazing colors.

  23. Laurel, nice job of showing how beautifully the colors all blend!

  24. Ina Nelson says:

    Love your card. And the cards are yummy.

  25. Lois John says:

    These colours are so BEAUTIFUL!! And I was glad to see you use that background with the colour blending! Gorgeous!!

  26. Good morning,

    You do such a good job of teaching and putting the beautiful colors together. You make it look so professional.

    God bless!

  27. Wow, Laurel. What a need idea to show all the colors on one card. They blend beautifully. Love the card too!

  28. Kathy Serrahn says:

    Beautiful card, love the colors

  29. Marty Harris says:

    So glad you used all the colors–they are so rich! and your tips are valuable.

  30. Suzanne T. says:

    I love how you used your colors to create this card, and how amazing it turned out, and these new colors blend beautifully. Amazing card!

  31. Love your rainbow card, Laurel! Just beautiful!

  32. Vivian Neff says:

    I’m in LOVE! Ordered and can’t wait to receive. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card.

  33. I love that lattice background too. You really mixed all the colors so nicely.

  34. Patricia Benger says:

    Love your “Yummy” card!

  35. That was so much fun to listen too! Not only do I love your card, but I love your spirit as you work!

  36. Janice Spaulding says:

    Beautiful card! Can’t wait to get my new colors! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Using all the colors created a beautiful blended background. Thanks for sharing your ideas

  38. Great card! Can’t wait to get those inks in my hands!!!!

  39. Tracy BT says:

    I love your energy! The card is beautiful, and I too love Aquatini. I’m very into purple and aqua together right now. Not sure why, but there ya go. I was so excited at Christmas when my youngest son got me a new bathrobe, its fluffy, soft and warm, oh and purple and teal! I too love the embossing resist, and love that background stamp!

  40. Dian Seider says:

    I really love that you used all the colors – it looks fabulous. The most colors I’ve used together was 3 – this gives me lots of new ideas.

  41. Bonnie Thrasher says:

    Love your card, all that yummy, vibrant color.

  42. LaVonne Smejkal says:

    The Lovely Lattice is awesome for emboss resisting!

  43. So cool that you used ALL the colors on your card and it looks great!

  44. CathyB. says:

    Such vibrant and beautiful colors = yummmmmm

  45. Betty Bunch says:

    Beautiful card–really shows all of those beautiful colors.

  46. Neudorf Terry says:

    Love your card . Great use of the inks . Can’t wait to try them

  47. Pamela Gietzen says:

    LOVE the card, and coloring is gorgeous!

  48. Karen Lindsay says:

    You have created a fun, vividly colored card. I’m loving these new colors!

  49. Marlene Walkin says:

    Lovely card. great demo.

  50. Donna Dacy says:

    Love all these colors. And the pads really are juicy…that is great and they blend so well. TFS

  51. Laura Miller says:

    Really nice example of creating a rainbow affect. I have that same background stamp – – time to get sponging.

  52. Beautiful card. Love how easily the inks blend. Gorgeous colors!

  53. Joanne Guarino says:

    I love your card! Those colors are so vibrant! I can’t wait to get the new colors. Oh, by the way, I love how it is “snowing” on your blog! Adorable!

  54. I think your card is gorgeous! The ink pad colours blend so very well. Thanks for sharing! I really like the

  55. I love your card! I love heat embossing and use it on the majority of the cards I make. I am so excited to own these inks and do my own blended cards.

  56. Laurel, those are gorgeous colors! Love how you use them with the stencil.

  57. Michelle Welling says:

    I can’t wait to “love tap” on these new ink pads. I love the techniques used to make this card.

  58. Fabulous–love the colorful background!

  59. Great card! Love all the colors… well done, Laurel!

  60. Rainbow ready! Lets go!

  61. Barb Holland says:

    Love how well the colors blend

  62. Mary H. says:

    Thank you for inspiration for future cards I’ll be making. Love your rendition of Tutti Fruiti…bop bop a luma a bop bam boom??? 🙂 I don’t the lyrics either. 🙂

  63. Colleen Pepper says:

    So much yumminess in 1 bright beautiful card.

  64. Peggy Pride says:

    Laurel, a great card! Looks so nice with the background. You may it look easy!

  65. Kathy W says:

    I love all the ink colors and how you used them on your card. Gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to get them.

  66. mary nelson says:

    Faafuuullousss! Love your background! And you are correct, they are called finger/ink daubers!!

  67. Darcy Shelstad (Scrap2Day2Morrow( says:

    Love this card and how you used this stamp. Cannot wait to play with this one

  68. Erm Sandberg says:

    Am so excited for the new colors. Card making is getting more fun. Love this card.

  69. Great card and such lovely colors!

  70. Love this card, quick and easy, colors are fabulous!

  71. Debbie Thomas says:

    Pretty card ! I just love all the new colors

  72. Casie W says:

    Still on the learning curve with mine from the foundation box, but I love the saturated color! Thanks for the tips.

  73. Cheryl Fisher says:

    Love the card and love the inks. Wish I could afford to buy all of them.

  74. Laura Manning says:

    Love your rainbow lattice background! Nice card!

  75. Beautiful colors!

  76. Cheryl Jones says:

    That card turned out really nice. I love rainbows so this is right up my alley.

  77. I love the lattice background and enjoyed watching your video about how you made your card!

  78. Gorgeous card!! love the vibrant rainbow colors

  79. LOVE IT, Laurel!!! CP has the best inks evah!!! Beautifully blended!

  80. Susan Wareham says:

    Love your rainbow cards always makes for a happy card, and really showcased all the colors these inks seem great would love to try them out.

  81. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  82. I , too love aqua and all its incarnations. I love the lattice stamp and the new inks are just brilliant!

  83. suemcrae says:

    Love how easily the colors blend! Thanks for sharing a video with us!

  84. I love this card! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant.

  85. Jo Ann Lovell says:

    thanks Laural for the video of this card, love it. First one I am going to try when I get my inks!

  86. Teresa Cherka says:

    Great card, love the variety of colors in the collection.

  87. Love your card and the inks look awesome!


    Beautiful card, great demonstration of how compatible the colors are.

  89. MarciaC says:

    Great card – great colors – love the blending over the white embossing. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Blankenship Patti says:

    I really like your background technique and looking forward to trying it when I receive all my inks. Yes, they are finger daubers, and this is a great use of them. Thank you for the great video. Now I have to check out the rest of your You Tube videos.

  91. What a delightful blend of colors on this pretty and cheerful card!

  92. Michelle Uhlenhake says:

    Love this card…thanks for showing a great way to use background stamps!

  93. Barbara S says:

    I love that background stamp and have used it a number of times. I can’t wait to have all the inks so I can make your rainbow!

  94. These colors look delicious ! Very pretty card, love the resist technique. I use MMM for my glue too. I took some and watered it down a little to add to my fine-line bottle. Works very well, still a strong adhesive( not sure if you’re supposed to do that? but it works!).

  95. Love the rainbow. Fun card.

  96. KatieP says:

    The colors go great together!

  97. Great card, love these vibrant colors!

  98. Mary Ann C. says:

    So gorgeous with all the blended colors! So much luciousness in one card!

  99. Linda Ford says:

    I love the background on this card.

  100. Absolutely the cat’s meow. Really creative idea.

  101. Leanne in Cali says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this card! That background is fabulous—thanks for the great video showing your technique!! Such a fun blog hop.

  102. Ellen C. says:

    Love this ink blending technique – really pretty card.

  103. Carol Hardie says:

    The ink blending is seamless on your card. Great use of color and the black just the colors pop even more.

  104. Nicky Wakazuru-Yoza says:

    Love your card… great way to utilize all of those fabulous colors.

  105. Marcie says:

    Beautiful, vibrant colors make a very interesting background!

  106. Carla Hundley says:

    Your card is wonderful!
    Love the inking and colors,
    great design.
    Carla from Utah

  107. Donna Hawkins says:

    Love your card design and the colors are fabulous.

  108. Love how vibrant these inks are and how beautifully they blend.

  109. Sheryl Brandt says:

    Love these colors! I was not going to get another line of inks, but these are AWESOME! Thankks for sharing!!

  110. Love how you blended the colors and the resist background….beautiful

  111. So impressed you managed to blend all the inks on one card. It’s such a fun card, I love rainbow coloured cards so I’m so excited to get the inks. Thanks for showing how well they blend together .

  112. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love the mixture of the colors.
    So pretty.
    thanks for sharing.

  113. You make it look so easy…truly lovely. I LOVE THIS CARD and will try it ASAP. I am 84 yrs. old and so enjoy card making.

  114. Priscilla Steele says:

    Enjoying seeing these colors paired up with items I actually own… Been a fan of CP products released thus far!!!

  115. Laurel – I love how you’ve blended those fab colours together – gorgeous card

  116. GORGEOUS blending on this!

  117. Beautiful card! I love the blended colors with the black accents.

  118. Karen Roberts says:

    Love this rainbow background. Cant wait to get my set.

  119. Love the new colors & your card, which is so colorful & uses one of my favorite backgrounds!

  120. Laurie Sherwin says:

    Love the Mr. And Mrs card

  121. Kim Smith says:

    Beautiful colours .Love your card easy and quick to make.

  122. nancy y says:

    Your card is terrific, nice to see how great these colors blend. I’m loving the first batch I got and can’t wait for the rest!

  123. Shelley Flaherty says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful rainbow card and showing off the blending of the inks!

  124. Maureen Peterson says:

    Love your card!! Beautiful!! I can’t wait to get my inks and try blending with them 🙂

  125. Chrystyna B. says:

    Love your card!!! Thanks for making the video. Awesome new ink colors!

  126. Beth Duell says:

    Truely a rainbow of colours I am having a problem with deciding which is my favourite colour, I think it is the aqua blue and purple.

  127. Vicki Montgomery says:

    Love the bright colors. Should make any card look good.

  128. Marilyn in Michigan says:

    Wow! Love this card!

  129. Denise says:

    Pretty use of all the colors!

  130. Marcia Fellner says:

    Thank you Laura for a beautiful card. I appreciate your using a stamp from a previous kit. The colors really blend nicely.

  131. Love this — so colorful and you can really see ALL the colors with that background stamp.

  132. Love your happy rainbow card! Those new inks seem to blend almost effortlessly. Can’t wait to play with them. Thanks for the inspiration. I also love your special glue applicator (finger!).

  133. Loved the way you did the card with the resist – and the black strip from the trash! ?

  134. Kitty T says:

    Girlfriend, if I tried blending that many colors on ANYTHING it would be a big fat hot mess. Love the bright, cheerful card.
    Keep rockin robin! Tweet, tweedlededeet.

  135. Kay Roose says:

    Laurel, I love how you used all of the CP Party ink pads. I can’t wait to get my order so that I can start playing.

  136. Beautiful card with Beautiful colors

  137. Sherry Lowmaster says:

    gorgeous card! love the colorful background!

  138. Carrie Galindo says:

    Beautiful colors!!

  139. what a great way to showcase the blendability of these lnks.

  140. Barbara Green says:

    Love the card. Love the colors.

  141. You were ‘t kidding when you said the colors all go together beautifully! Gorgeous!!

  142. Beautiful card showing off how the colors meld with each other!!!

  143. NatQuebec says:

    Such a beautiful card ! Love that coloring.

  144. Joyce M says:

    I have the first 5 and can’t wait to get the other colors and try your beautiful technique!

  145. robeader says:

    Your use of the colors from the CP collection is beautifully done. It’s wonderful to fine vibrant colors just for use in a design like this.

  146. June Ramsamy says:

    Beautiful card, adore the background colours. Great techique. Thanks x

  147. Gretchen Harold says:

    OMG this is a great card and it comes together so quickly, love that.

  148. Love the blending! Very pretty!

  149. Theresa Robinson says:

    Wow – how pretty! Can’t wait to try when I get my inks

  150. I just love the color background!

  151. Sheilla. Bailey says:

    I love your lattice card. I love your choice of colors.

  152. Love that you were able to show us all the colors in one project. The richness of the colors is fabulous.

  153. Sherry says:

    Thank you for the video! Loved how you used all the colors

  154. jlingraham says:

    I love the effect you achieved and appreciate what you have discovered about the inks.

  155. Christy Borfitz says:

    Lovely card! I love how it showcases the vibrant inks!

  156. Ellen C says:

    I love how these colors blend. Really pretty card.

  157. Marjorie King says:

    Thanks for sharing love the card

  158. Bonnie Sanche says:

    Can’t wait to try this!!

  159. Brenda Jaques says:

    Love these inks! the new colors are fantastic. I have the first 6 and really love them!

  160. Really enjoyed watching you develop your card. I like the way you blended the colors. Beautiful card. Thanks!

  161. Vicenta Ghylin says:

    Awesome card. Love all the colors and so easy to apply to paper. Thank you for making the video.

  162. Kathy Doyle says:

    Such fantastic colors! Can’t wait for my order to come!

  163. Awesome card!!! I’m so intrigued by these new inks!

  164. ANN GREENE says:

    Laurel, you are something else…I loved your commentary for the video. You are correct that card is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  165. Dorothy Breitenstein says:

    Your card is awesome. Can’t wait to try making it.

  166. Beautiful card using such yummy colors! Thanks for the idea.

  167. Great card – will be a long wait to get my hands on those inks!

  168. am loving the way this came out!

  169. Karen Kreider says:

    Love the rainbow and can’t wait to get my set of inks!

  170. Love your ink blended color combo on your beautiful card.

  171. I love all the new colors that are out! If I must pick one, it will have to be the Flirty Fushcia! I love purple. 🙂

  172. Judy Hyde says:

    Great way to showcase all the colors! Love your card.

  173. Trina Chaska says:

    Beautiful background with the ink blending.

  174. Awesome card, Laurel!!

  175. Beautiful card, and those colors are awesome!

  176. Paula Wolfe says:

    I love it! I can’t wait to try the new colors! I love the ones I got in the foundations kit!

  177. Terri Mansfield says:

    Nobody does a rainbow like you Laurel!!! I can’t wait to get my inks in the mail. Beautiful card.

  178. I love the new colors and I love this card. Simple but beautiful. Thank you

  179. Barbara Brennan says:

    I love the colors popping out of the white latticed background. GORGEOUS array of the colors.

  180. Fabulous Laura. Your use of the colours is inspiring. They are all so vibrant and exciting looking

  181. Claudia M. says:

    Awesome card! I love that you used all the colors together.

  182. Cheryl Cullen says:

    Hey Laurel!!! Oh my rainbow happiness for sure!! ❤️????

  183. What a beautiful rainbow colored card!!!

  184. Christy Q says:

    Wow!!! What a stunning card – I love the blended look with the lattice background. Just beautiful!

  185. Nandini says:

    Love the new colors. They are so beautifully vivid! And I love your card. Both the ink blending and the gorgeous background stamp!

  186. Dee Earnshaw says:

    Love the vibrant colors on this card:)

  187. Really beautiful colors! Thanks for getting them all in one card so I could see them all in action!

  188. Tara Prince says:


  189. Nicole says:

    Love the blending of the colors!!!

  190. Your card is beautiful with those vibrant colors blended together.

  191. Can’t wait to get all the colors! Love these inks.

  192. Fran Wilson says:

    You never disapoint Laurel! Love your rainbow – we need all the colour we can get this time of year. Can’t wait to get the newest inks.

  193. Karen Grba says:

    Love the card! My favorite color as of now is Auqatini! All so beautiful!

  194. Laurie says:

    Cute card!! Love the rainbow of inks…so bright! Love the ambersand, too!

  195. Vivian says:

    What a fun, bright background. Not much more was needed to finish the card…love it! Thanks!

  196. What a great way to show off all the colors and how well they go together.

  197. Andrea Dulaney says:

    I was excited to see an example of how to use the stamp with these amazing colors. I will be trying this as soon as I get my pads.

  198. I love this color collection. Nice saturated colors.

  199. arlenevita says:

    Love the vibrant, happy rainbow of colors!!!

  200. I love how bright and colorful your card is!

  201. Love all the colors on your card!

  202. Suna Stirk says:

    Love love love!!! Beautiful colours so bright and vibrant. I am so getting them. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card.

  203. Brenda H. says:

    I really like the rainbow background – the colors just pop!

  204. I agree… it is a party on paper!

  205. Nancy-Anne Rockwell says:

    I keep meaning to try this resistance technique. Now I will with all those beautiful colours that are on their way to me! !!!

  206. OMG love these colors. So beautiful!

  207. Again, simply amazing colors, I am in awe! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful new products.

  208. Marise Nyberg says:

    Love your ‘Party on Paper’ card! I’m a vibrant colour kinda girl, this is so up my alley!

  209. Beth Karschnick says:

    Hey Laurel, Looks as if you all are enjoying the snow! Hope you are getting settled and starting to feel at home in your new winter wonder land…tee hee!!

    Love your card and how you were able to get all those colors in!!

  210. I love your card Laurel!!! I love the heat-embossing technique too….and how you used this background stamp with the new inks….is GORGEOUS!!!! 🙂 And I always enjoy listening to your tutorials!! You make me smile!! 🙂 🙂

  211. Susan crook says:

    Love the card. You are right it is party on paper.

  212. Lovin this! Maybe my the rest of my inks will be here today since I live so close! Lol

  213. Cecelia Castro says:

    What a fun project!

  214. Julie S says:

    Fantastic card! I love your idea of using ALL the colors, a mega rainbow card.

  215. Nana Griffin says:

    Your card shows how well these inks blend together. Very pretty.

  216. Stella says:

    Bought them all! Now I will be peeking out the window for the mailman!

  217. So pretty, Laurel!!!

  218. Debbie says:

    Love the midnight against the background colors!

  219. Lovely blending on the background. You make it look so easy

  220. Jeanette Vernon says:

    Beautiful colors! I can hardly wait to CASE your card.

  221. Linda Gorun says:

    Unique way to showcase all new beautiful colors!

  222. I love this technique and the colors show so brilliantly. Thanks for video. So beautiful.

  223. Erin C. says:

    Another awesome cad no video, Laurel! ?

    1. Erin C. says:

      Oops, I meant card and video. (Note to self: be more careful when typing in the car. Lol And don’t worry, I’m not the one driving. ?)

  224. Becky Rohwer says:

    Beautiful card. Love how you put all the great colors on your card.

  225. Wow vibrant colors!!!!! Pretty card.

  226. Amanda says:

    Beautiful card! Love the aquatini too

  227. Love your card Laurel! Those inks blend beautifully!

  228. Deborah L Cieply says:

    So Very Pretty. I loved the final card. The colors blend so perfect.

  229. Kathy Markwardt says:

    Wow these colors are amazing!

  230. Jackie Bednar says:

    I really like the background stamp you used it showed off all the bright new colors so well.

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