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So, this week has been a bit of an ordeal for me. It was my son’s last week of school, which to me is sad because it just means he is getting older! I wish he would stop doing that! Then I caught the nasty stomach bug that seems to be going around….. I have eaten a couple of bananas, grits and crackers in the last 3 days! My stomach has settled but it is out of whack since I haven’t really eaten much. Then, I signed my son up for swimming lessons starting in a couple of weeks and am majorly stressing. He despises water on his face, even a single drop. I took him in the pool with me tonight and held him and close and went under and popped back up and it was horrible. He screamed. He was terrified. My heart ached. And now I am told to dump water on his head at bath time until the swim lessons start to get him used to water in his face. My poor boy who loves taking bath and only fears water in his face is going to hate me and water by the time this is all over with. I hate that I am doing something that scares him. But I KNOW that he needs the lessons and probably should have done them last summer when he was less stubborn and vocal. Enough of that because just typing this out is depressing me. Thought I would share my latest project.

I made this cute purse from Lauren Meader’s Timeless Templates (see side bar). This one is another purse-onality clutch. The special little girl is 2, her favorite color is purple and her favorite candy is chocolate. So I filled the purse with Hershey’s Hugs/Kisses and stamped the sides with XOXO….. 

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