Clay Flower Molds – How To Video and Product Review

I was so excited to receive my molds from MoldMuse! Let me back up. A few days ago, Kelly posted a video for the card she made for her Guest Design spot at Lawnscaping and in it contained these fabulous flower embellishments she made with molds. I fell in love so immediately went and ordered a few to try them out (at this time, I have 4 more sitting in my cart, yes, I love them that much)… It’s funny because I really do NOT use embellishments on my cards but these are fabulous so I am making the exception, ha!!! MoldMuse has a ton of molds in various categories. These are high quality, inexpensive molds. They stretch and bend so it’s super easy to pop your mold out without damaging it…. Let me just say I am not getting anything by recommending this product. I just really was impressed with them and wanted to share it with you all. Head on over to her shop and tell her I sent you. I don’t think you will regret it. You can watch the video here or head on over to my youtube channel and check it out there in HD!


UPDATE: I baked these molds on a regular old cookie sheet. No parchment paper, no Pam. Just put them on cookie sheet and popped them in my oven.

Here are a few photos of the molds I have made so far. And of course, my son had to make a few! He had so much fun!!

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  1. You are just too cute. Nope, the video didn’t suck at all, ha ha… I saw this on Kelly Marie’s site too and thought they were cute. Wow, really that simple, eh? hmmmmmm love that pearlized clay too. Now, how do you mail the cards then with those on them?? I have some little rosettes I bought on clearance that I haven’t used b/c of the bulk…

    great job!

  2. P.S. enabler…… hee hee hee

  3. yainea says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I saw the Kelly’s video too and I didn’t know how to use the molds… sculpey! Some etsy shops have been waiting for this moment… hahaha

  4. Fabulous video, Laurel! You did NOT suck at all!!! Your voice sounds so pretty and clear. You should do more tutorials like this. 🙂

  5. Great video! Thanks for showing us how the molds work. I like the pictures of your son helping too 🙂

  6. So funny! I was actually thinking of buying some of the mold’s too! I saw them on both Betsy Veldman and Kelly Rasumessen’s blog! Betsy also made them with resin which I am tempted to try too! Did you cook yours in the molds or take them out? I can’t wait to see how you use them and what others ones you make!

  7. Love the video! Thank you so much for making it! I bought some molds from Mold Muse the other day, too and the Sculpey, but I was waiting for a video to show me what to do. I can’t believe how easy it is! I will definitely have to give these a try.

    For the commenter who asked how you would mail a card made with these, I would suggest a small padded envelope, or even a thin sheet of that flexible styrofoam paper or bubble wrap tucked into the front of a regular envelope. Just be sure to let the post office know that it’s a handmade card and not flat, because they can stamp it with a special stamp so that it doesn’t go through the sorter and rip off the embellishments or jam the machine. Hope that helps!

  8. thank you for the link & the review on the products. I’ve seen it on Kelly Marie’s video at Lawnfawn very briefly. I should go to the etsy shop to check it out! I luv those ROSES! They look very pretty! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the great video! I absolutely loved it and will now be buying a few of these too! =D

  10. Thanks for the video! And look at your son in your new crafting space! LOOOOOOOOVE it:) Looks like you are enjoying your space!

  11. Of course you didn’t suck! Loved the video and hope you do more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this process! I know Ranger makes some material that you can actually use to make your own molds (it’s called Mold and Pour, I believe), so maybe that’s what you should try next! Looking forward to another video from you, dear!

    P.S. Your accent is adorable, too. 🙂

  12. Aparna says:

    I loved the tutorial! What type of sculpey did you use? I thought all sculpey was matte finish, but i adore how shiny yours are, and I want to use the right kind 🙂 thanks

  13. This video was great! I’m looking at the Etsy shop now and they have button molds too, which is so tempting!

  14. Thanks for the video … Love the flowers.

  15. coooooooooool! i just made some earrings a few weeks ago out of some recollections flowers like these. i need to get some of these molds. thanks for sharing!

  16. These roses are so cool! I love this technique!! The picture of your son is so cute–just like Play Doh, right? 😉

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