Christmas Cards – Homemade

I made these last year with my son. Lucas had fun doing it AND you have a handprint of your child at the age for your scrapbook.


Handprint Santa


Red craft paper
Glue stick
Plain notecard or card stock
Tempera paints
Paper plates
Googly eyes
Time needed: About 1 hour

1. Cut Santa-hat shapes (minus the pom-poms and white trim) from the craft paper, then glue one onto each card. Glue a pair of googly eyes a fingertip’s width below each hat.

2. Pour white tempera paint onto one paper plate, and a dollop each of red, black, and pink (mix some red and white) onto another. Stamp white handprint beards, then use fingertips to stamp the trim on the hats, and a nose, mouth, and cheeks on each face.

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