Chick Fil A Rules

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Chick Fil A. It is a wonderful place to eat and a great place for my son to play. They take care of their employees. To glorify God, they are closed on Sundays. You have to respect them for that. This nice elderly lady working in Chick Fil A today just moved me. She didn’t even know I was watching her. She went table to table and refilled everyones drinks, removed their food when they were done eating, thanked everyone as they left, greeted everyone as they came in and brought people their food if they had their hands full (AKA, Mom with kids). She did it all with a smile on her face and you could just tell she liked pleasing people. Do you ever notice that the employees always says “my pleasure” when you thank them? I truly believe she took great pleasure in pleasing people. She really just brought a smile to my face.

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