Cards for Kate

Dawn McVey has posted this on her blog and I felt compelled to do the same on mine. I definitely will be creating a card for this beautiful little girl and my thoughts and prayers will be with her and her family.


This adorable little dolly is Kate and I first heard about her story when my dear friend Jennifer McGuire tweeted about her on Twitter.  Kate is 5 years old and she’s fighting cancer and you can read all about her story at www.prayforkate.com.  Jennifer has decided to do a card drive for little Kate and her family as a way of encouraging them thru this awful challenge they’re facing.  If you would like to send a card to Kate or any member of her family, please read all the details on Jennifer’s blog about how to send them.  Jennifer is asking that all the cards be sent to her in time to arrive by Oct. 1 which is still a month away!

Mostly, would you join with me in praying for Kate’s healing and for her family as they deal with the struggles of chemo (and the chemo making Kate sick) and hospitals and tests and all the stress that is involved with treating such a horrible disease?  I know that her family would ask for your prayers first and foremost, knowing that God holds them all in the palm of His hand and He is certainly able to do great and mighty things…even in Kate’s sweet little body.

Thank you so much, dear friends.


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