Build a Bear

Okay, I have walked past this store for years and never gone in. I was with my mom and son today and decided to stroll in. First off, every customer in the store was someone I knew. Ironic. They have rows of different kinds of bears you can stuff. You pick the bear. Then you walk to this machine, hand your unstuffed bear over to the employee and they stick it in this machine and add the stuffing. Then the employee stitches it closed. So basically at this point, your child has done nothing but pick the bear. THEN you go over to some table where you can brush/groom your bear. THEN you go over to this wall of clothes and pick an outfit for your bear. THEN you go and check out. By the time it is said and done, that dumb bear costs around 50 bucks.  My son was not impressed and neither was I.

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