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Normally I don’t share things that aren’t crafty related but I thought I would today because this could be a potential gift idea for a special occasion.

Do any of you watch Shark Tank? I am addicted to that show. I love seeing all the inventions and ideas! Budsies was one of the companies that was on Shark Tank and I thought the idea was brilliant!

Basically, what this company does is take your hand drawn works or selfie pictures and turn them into a plush toy for you! My son does Taekwondo and he wanted a plush of himself so I snapped a picture of him in his uniform and sent it off to Budsies and he got his very on Lucas plush. The details were fantastic. Down to the undershirt and the black stripes on his belt (he is now a yellow belt)…. It’s also great for those that love to draw… If you click on their website, you will see how they took drawings and turned them into life like plushes! It is super cute!

I think this is a great Christmas present or a great gift for a special occasion because these are  pricey. But it is custom made and something unique. So for something special? Might make a great gift.

Please know that I have not been asked or paid  to share this, nor am I affiliated with them. I simply liked the product and thought I would tell you about it. I did contact the company to tell them I was going to share and they offered a 10% discount to all of my readers!  Use code lbeard10 for 10% off thru the end of August..




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  1. j9rabbit says:

    Laurel – first, your son is adorable and second, I love Shark Tank too! I thought this was a great gift idea when I saw it too.

  2. Shari says:

    That is completely adorable, and so is your son. Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That is awesome! What a cool idea! So handsome! Oh, yeah, the budsy is, too… 😉

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