Avery Elle Inks Colors and Comparison Video


Hi there! Today I’ve got a super quick video showing you some of the Avery Elle Pigment inks I just purchased this week. I stamped each of the colors out and compared it to the other inks I have. After I purchased these, I realize they released some new colors so yup, I’ll be picking up some of those colors soon too!! You can watch the video right here or over on my youtube channel in HD!

HERE is the link to Jennifer McGuire’s ink swatch download post as promised and a big thank you to Jennifer for providing these downloads to her readers free of charge. I incorporated her entire swatch storage organization (shown in her video)…. She has the BEST organizational tips of any crafter I know….

Have an awesome day!
Avery Elle Inks (linked to two sources):

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  1. Thank you so much for this great post!! Do you ever have coverage issues with your Avery Elle pigment inks with solid stamps (whether clear or rubber). I purchased a set of Avery Elle pigment inks at the beginning of the year and when I was making my Jennifer McGuire ink swatches, I found that there was a lot of white peaking through the stamped image regardless of what kind of stamp I was using (clear/rubber/old/new). It is quite frustrating for me!! Did you experience this at all? Any tips for me?

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