Apple of my Eye

My son is the pickiest eater you will ever meet… The only 21 month old who has never tasted mac n cheese and pizza.  On our recent trip to Houston,  he decides he wants to eat an apple. His Mimi hands an apple over to him and he he actually took it and ate it.. Who would have thought. Question of the day is this. How do kids KNOW when food they have never in their life seen is sweets. Case and point.  Pie. I was at a friends house and he saw pie. I don’t make pie. I don’t eat pie and we don’t have pie in the house. He looks at it and wants it. How did he know it was chocolate pie? How did he know he would enjoy it? Maybe if I put a bunch of vegetables in a pie dish and put some kind of topping on the pie to make it look like pie, he might actually try it. Chicken. He will ONLY eat Chick Fil A chicken. I tried to give him some other brand nuggets last night, no way… He is loyal to Chick Fil A. Next time I go in, I am asking them for a few nugget containers. Maybe if I put food in there, he will try it! Lucas knows what he wants and when he wants it. Sound like anyone else you know?


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  1. Sounds like the little guy might possibly go for the Costco chicken pot pie, since it actually looks like a real pie with some of his favorite mixed veggies in it. Never can tell. Anyway, sounds like the little apple doesn’t fall far from the big apple tree (chip off the old block, since his daddy used to only eat his favorite things, albeit A LOT of those things… and VERY fast!).

  2. laurelbeard says:

    Too bad he didn’t get at least half of his Daddy’s appetite!

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