Free Virtual Card Classes

Announcement: FREE Virtual Card Classes with myself and Justine Hovey

To sign up for the FREE class, click HERE!

I am SUPER excited to share a project that Justine Hovey and I have been working on for quite some time! LIVE CLASSES!! I’ve got a ton of information for you today with links for easy navigation!   First, we would love you to join the group!! Don’t forget to turn those notifications on!!!

How does it work? 

The 1st week of each month – a supply list will be posted with sneaks of the cards we will create that month in the live class so you can shop if you’d like and ensure you have the supplies needed to create with us.    You can also search your stash and see if you have alike items you can use instead!

A few weeks later, the LIVE workshop will go live from the Facebook Page and you can participate and craft along with us as we go! We can answer your questions and you can party along with us! This is perfect for those of you like me who don’t have stores near you and still want classes. Show up in your pjs! I’ll likely be doing the same (as I usually am wearing in all of my videos, lol).  This month, we will be going live on September 20th at 7PM eastern (New York). To sign up for the class, click HERE!

Supply List:

  • Here is the month’s supply list:
  • The supply list is two pages.
  • Each page features all the supplies that Justine Hovey and myself use on our projects. You also will see sneaks of the projects we will be creating during the live class.
  • The purpose of this list is just to show you what all we are using.  This doesn’t mean run out and buy everything, lol! It just lets you know what we will be using in case you wanted to prep and see what you have similar. If you do decide to purchase what we are linking to, we would appreciate it if you would use our links. More on that in a bit.

What if you miss live class?

No problem. We will repost the live videos to our youtube channels! You can subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking HERE and Justine’s youtube channel by clicking HERE!

What if you don’t like LIVE videos or don’t participate in Facebook?

That’s ok! We also know that live videos can be annoying to rewatch so we will post a regular video tutorial on our youtube videos as well!   You can subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking HERE and Justine’s youtube channel by clicking HERE!

Why are the classes free?

We want anyone who wants to participate be able to take these classes without the concern of a budget!! The ONLY thing we ask in return is that if you are inspired to take the class with us, shop through the links on the supply list.  Each of our supply lists (we both will have one) uses our affiliate links.  This ensures we get paid at NO COST TO YOU without you having to actually pay money for the class. So get out there and invite your friends, family and fellow crafters to LIKE our page and join in!

We hope you are as excited about this endeavor as we are. This is kind of like our pilot program so if this is successful, we will keep doing it! Below is a badge you can post to your blogs if you like to help spread the word. Any way you can spread the word would be more appreciated! If you have any questions or comments or ideas for classes, please let me know in the comments! We are super excited!


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  1. Andrea Hastilow says:

    Two fantastic ladies under one class room roof, brilliant. Can’t wait to see you creating along side us. Good luck & roll on class one.

  2. How exciting! I will be watching the YouTube videos as I am not on Facebook. Can’t wait!

  3. Carla Hundley says:

    Sounds awesome
    and thank you both
    for offering this.
    Carla from Utah

  4. sound like fun – i really enjoyed the foiling classes you two did!

  5. DUMONTIER Marjorie says:

    What an excellent idea !! Thank you girls for that !! Love, Marjorie

  6. Andrea Hastilow says:

    Congratulations that you two have got this going. As I’m in UK I think your 7 pm is our midnight so I will have to play catch up on You Tube, I’m signing up though & will try to use links to buy but please understand theatres involve international shipping for us here. Can’t wait to go, all the best to you both. If I wasn’t supposed to sign up to let me know, hey as long as I can get my wheelchair in hehe I’m there.x

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