Altenew Educator Certification Program Finale

I finally did it! I  completed the final step in the Altenew Educator Certification Program! To learn more about the program and all of  its benefits, click HERE!  The final step was hosting a workshop and I was able to do it virtually since I just moved here and don’t know a lot of people. We all hung out together (on camera), chatted and recreated the cards I prepared for the class (photo above). I, of course being me, was in PJ bottoms and fuzzy socks! 🙂 We created each card together.. I shared tips, answered questions, cracked jokes…. You know, a typical crafting gig! I provided the stamp sets and we all created these 3 cards using the same stamp set.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos of the participants projects.


Aren’t they so good? The students rocked it! Woo hoo! I’m so excited to see what’s next!!!!

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  1. Diane Koele says:

    Way to go Laurel!

  2. It was really fun! Thanks you and I hope we can do it again!

  3. Virginia L. says:

    I am so happy that you finally completed the last step toward the certification. Life is busy and so are you…Your hard work and dedication really paid off. I love your lesson plan with one stamp set and that you and the participants were able to complete three different cards with various techniques. Your way of teaching is admirable and really makes everyone at ease. Erum and I totally enjoyed your class! Bravo, Laurel!

  4. Awesome job. I’m so sad that I had an emergency come up and had to miss the class. Beautiful job everyone.

  5. tara prince says:

    so beautiful

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