Advice for a Picky Eater – HELP!!!

I am what you call a plain eater. I like burgers with just ketchup, ham sandwiches with just mayo (no lettuce, tomatoe, etc)….. My husband is just the opposite. He will eat pretty much anything and has a big appetite. You would think my son would get a combination of the two regarding his appetite, but not the case. He is the pickiest eater. He will eat oatmeal, yogurt, soup with veggies, CHICK FIL A and fruit. That is pretty much it. I can’t get him to try anything new! He is probably the only 2 year old who has never tried pizza or mac-n-cheese!  Anyone out there who reads this blog and has some kid friendly (and easy to make because I am no chef) meals that my son might try, please let me know.

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  1. 1. put food there
    2. don’t put anything else there.
    3. let him eat when he’s hungry

  2. laurelbeard says:

    Ha ha ha! Easier said than done!

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