ABC’s of Thankfulness – TRY IT! Harder than you think!

I saw this over on Kerrianne’s blog and wanted to do it. And we’re off:

A- Amazon. A great place to shop. Prime members get 2 day FREE shipping, so even better!
B- Boots! I love the cool seasons because I can break out my boots. I have 7 pairs! I need more. I want the Ugg Cardy boots in grey in case anyone is wondering…
C- Christmas. I love the season. I love shopping for gifts, decorating the house, decorating the tree with my family. Family meals.. Driving around looking at the Christmas lights. Just love it all!
D- Dad- Best Dad anyone could ever ask for. Kind hearted and the best PaPa ever!
E- Ebay. I just love ebay. I always check there before anywhere else. I am amazed at the great deals I find out there!
F- Friends. Seriously.  Everyone has to have friends and I have a very good group of special friends. I am lucky to have them.
G- Grass. As silly as this sounds, I have visited places that have no grass. Only rubble or brown grass because it just can’ survive in those climates. I find that type of area depressing while others may find it relaxing and beautiful.  Grass really is pretty and comfortable and it is amazing how simple a fresh lawn brings out the prettiness and liveliness of an area…
H- Husband, and I have a darn good one!
I- Iphone- LOVE my Iphone. Could never have any other type of phone… I am so grateful my husband sprung for the first Iphone many years ago! I have gotten each new model ever since then.
J- Jesus. Our creator…
K- Kleenex! Before Kleenex, what did we use? Paper towels? Oh the pain! So glad for soft, soothing kleenex to help during those nasty colds!
L- Lucas! My beautiful 4 year old son!
M- Mom – The best on in the world, and my best friend. AND the best Grammie ever
N- Nasal Spray – HA HA HA. Seriously, when I have a stuffy nose, this stuff knocks it right out. Nothing worse than waking up at night because you can’t breathe!
O-  Outside – but only in the fall and winter. In Florida, it is too hot to be outside in the Summer….. And even sometimes the Spring….
P- Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer- LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Up until last year, it used to only be seasonal. Now they offer it year round. Way to go Coffeemate!!!!!
Q- Qi – While I have no idea what this words means, I am thankful for it. Because when I get that awful letter in Words with Friends and Scrabble, I can easily play it!
R- Restaurants – I LOVE eating out. Anything not to cook at home suits me just fine!!!
S- SUSHI – Seriously! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi! It is crazy how addicted I am to sushi… Are there meetings I can go to?
T- Tabloids – But ONLY People magazine. That is a kind of tabloid right? I love People. I love reading about stars lives and fashion. I am a sucker. What can I say!
U- Umbrella – I had this adorable shoe umbrella for 12 years. Loved it. Last year, it met its maker! I had to leave it in an Olive Garden Garbage Can. BOO HOO! But how lucky are we to have umbrellas! Definitely helps keep my hair from getting wet and frizzing! Priorities people! Priorities!
V-Vehicles – Seriously, I am not a horse and carriage kind of gal so thank goodness I wasn’t born way back then! I am thankful for my vehicle, even though I really want a new one! LOL!
W- Wizard – Harry Potter to be exact! I love, love, love those books and movies… When they released, me and my husband would buy two and lay side by side in bed and read them.. I, of course, read the fastest! 🙂
X-eXits – Sometimes, when you are ready to leave some place, you are ready to leave! So exit signs are wonderful! Get me outta here!!!!
Y- YOU – Anyone who reads my blog really makes me so happy. I can’t tell you what a smile a comment or view brings to my face. Thank you so much for following.
Z- ZOTS – Now this was tough, so I picked Zots, the perfect glue dots for my card making hobby!
HOLY COW! THIS WAS HARD…. I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY THIS. SERIOUSLY!!!!! It is way harder than you think!!!! If you try it, link your post to my comments section. I would love to see what you put!!!!

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  1. Awe I’m so thrilled you had such a blast doing this!! Zots was such a great idea! I was really stumped by “Z” 🙂 Cheers to Thankfulness & Fun!!

  2. How fun!! I’d have zit for mine 😛 I still get them and I thought by my age you’d have better hormones 😛 X — xylophone 😛

  3. i will have to try this!!!! i love stuff like this! i agree with vit! i would say zit too…. hahahah i have this weird addiction to popping them… such a stress reliever. hahah i know gross

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