A few thoughts

1. I DESPISE CHANGING CRIB SHEETS! I hate it. It takes like 10 minutes to change one tiny crib. It shouldn’t be this hard.

2. Heroes is coming back in September of 2008! 3 hours special, although the first 2 hours is a recap of last season.

3.  I am still trying to formulate clever ways to promote my business. My sister-in-law and brother have been a great source of information.

4. I  tried potty training for 2 days and then quit. I will try again next month.

5. I finally got back to the gym after 3 weeks of not going. Took a step class, a full body cardio class and Yoga. Tomorrow is Zumba. Friday is the ER.

6.  We are planning a trip to Washington DC in a few weeks. Our airfare is free, thanks to my best friend, and our lodging is free thanks to my other sister-in-law.

7. I am tired, so I am going to bed now.

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