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  1. yay for new stuff..

  2. Shaughn says:

    Love your haul Laurel! I got a lot of the same things…just can’t wait to get my order now! Your daughter is just precious! Thanks for the peek of her! Oh..and I say Merry Christmas too!

  3. woo-hoo!! awesome haul video!!! that falling snow stencil and diaganol stencil is totally on my wish list!!! i just got some embossing paste last time from simon says stamp and i’m addicted to using it! lol! must have all the stencils now! lol! 🙂
    i love that little cat popping out of the pumpkin too!! eek!
    simon says stamp usually takes all my money…i hear grumbling about a ‘budget’ from my husband…but i just try to igore it! 🙂 it’s their job to grumble and our job to create!:)

  4. Virginia P FL says:

    What a great haul! Wish I had watched this before I placed my SSS order last night…LOL! Will just have to put more things on my Wish List for next order. Thanks for your ideas. What an angel your daughter is!

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