Ink Distressing with Water Take One

Ok guys! Here is the other card (or part of the card) I initially made for the Jugs Challenge. Instead, I am giving it to my garbage can.  This is the card I referred to in my previous post as the poop card! LOL.  I don’t like how I put two border punched strips on there. I tried to get them off but it was too late. Those suckers were stuck on that card and not coming off! Only I could ruin an adorable little heart cut out…. But, check out the distressed inking with water I learned about here. I love how that turned out…. So, I am only showing you that part of the card because I can not embarrass myself by showing you the entire card. HA HA! I will make another card tomorrow using the same technique and sentiment and see if I can do better! Here’s to hoping! Happy Superbowl to those of you watching! I am probably the only person on the planet who is not watching and could care less! I do like the commercials though! 🙂

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